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Cockpit filter based on Contacts attached to CTA's.

  • 12 June 2019
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Posting on behalf of customer. Currenlty on the cockpit you can only create a fitler based on information from the Account, Customer Info, Call to Action, or Relationship objects. The Contacts associated to a CTA are stored on the AssociatedRecord object and it might be nice to filter CTA's based on that information.

5 replies

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Hi Andrew, can you share a bit more detail on the use case and what the end user would hope to accomplish via this filtering criteria?

A used case for this request is to better organize and manage the CTAs you are working with a client contact.

For example, if I have a weekly / biweekly /monthly meeting from Nancy, Dir of Revenue Cycle, I would love to screen share my cockpit and display all the CTAs where I listed Nancy as the associated contact.

I can make updates to the CTAs during this meeting, instead of creating a report to sharw with the client and/or creating another layer of work to update the CTA.

Hope this helps!!

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Got it. In that use case could you just filter on the customer name where Nancy is a contact? How many CTAs for that customer would you have where Nancy is not involved?

There is not a 1:1 relationship between Nancy and an account or CTA's. This workflow os associating contacts with CTA's is for our big enterprise clients (where there are 3-5 CSMs per one account). These clients can have 5 or more accounts in Gainsight. Nancy could be the Dir of Revenue for 10 accounts, therefore filtering by account wont help.

The CSM can then meet with Nancy and display all the CTA's that pertain to her 10 accounts.

These enterprise accounts can have many CTA's, additionally the CTA's are different types, so I cannot assume that all 'Revenue' CTA's are Nancy's. She can also be associated with Performance or Technical/Product CTA's.

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Thanks Andor, that additional detail helps. Definitely a complex use case you have there!