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Cockpit Column name handling

  • 8 November 2019
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We are finding different functionality in NXT vs SFDC when it comes to Cockpit columns, 


In SFDC if we go to add “priority name” we get the column header to show “priority name“ as expected. 


In NXT when we go to add the same it shows in the config Priority > Name and then only shows the name:



For ease of use, we would like the ability to either add an alias or both names in the field.

1 reply

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So, I’m just experiencing this same issue now but not in relation to SFDC vs NXT, moreso just the limitation of not being able to provide column aliases in NXT Horizon Cockpit.


The big issue I’m seeing is if two columns have the same header name, the export doesn’t include both and chooses one. My use case is wanting to see CSM Name and CTA Owner Name in Cockpit (managers like to see this too). When exporting the CTA data, the column appears as “Name” for the owner, so when you have two “Name” columns, only one appears in the export.