Cockpit: Auto-assign Manual CTAs to user and today's date

  • 26 March 2015
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I've had a few customers whose CSMs are manually creating a lot of their CTAs. They've requested that CTAs auto-assign to the logged-in user and default to today's date. While this isn't a huge burden, many of them are creating 50+/day and it would save some time.

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8 replies

I can understand the need to have default option to have the logged in user saving one click on "Assign to me" however I cannot understand the usecase on - why would the default date should be today's date when one creates 50 CTA's / day and while creating each CTA, one need to select the customer field.

Is the usecase here is to create Bulk CTA's manually with some criterion ? 
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Here's our use case--we log a manual CTA whenever we complete a call with one of our customers. So we manually create the CTA and since I'm the one creating it, it should default to me and since the date I'm completing it is today, the default should be today. We do this 1,000+ times a week on our team and it's very frustrating to have to do. Please help save us time!!
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This came up in our user feedback session today.  We also are using a lot of manual CTAs (and will be doing some more with a full roll out of Success Plans), and it's just an extra step to click Assign to Me.  Would be great for it to default to the user creating, and then, have the click be to Assign to Someone Else.
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We have a similar use case to Nick.  We would really benefit from having the due date of a manually created CTA being the date the CTA was created (or forcing us to enter the due date manually instead of setting a default if manually created). 
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Lorna from App Annie has also requested that manual CTAs will be auto assigned to the current user rather than having to click on "assign to me" 
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Agreed - I like the assuming the logged in user for "CSM" default to CSM as owner.
But i don't see the reason for the date.
Secondly - if a Manager is creating CTA's it should assumg the CSM is the owner, when the CSM is the account owner.
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This seems like a very small and easy ask to deliver on - that would save CSM's a tremendous amount of time.
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This is available now. For CTAs and Tasks, default owner = logged-in user and default due date = today's date.