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Click to Call and Task Fields

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We love that Gainsight has the ability to click to call, but we are having a few issues relating to how Gainsight populates the "related to" and "contact name" fields on the task.  Ideally, when a user leverages click-to-dial the SF unique ID from the
Account record that was clicked on for the call should have the unique ID
associated to ‘Related To:’ (SF standard field, database name WhatID) in the
task.  If the number the user clicked on was from a contact record, the Contact unique ID should be associated to ‘Contact Name’ in the task.  These fields should be
standard fields within the SF softphone as well that should be populated during
the call and once the Task record is updated post call from Phone Systems fully
committing the record details.  

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That is good feedback, Ellen. Let me ping the team to see if this should be classified as an enhancement request or if the intended design was to accomplish what you described above. 
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This needs to be classified as an enhancement request. I am kicking this over into an idea so product has visibility into this issue.