Choose what types of records to Merge when merging Companies

  • 14 July 2021
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I would like the option to select which records are moved over to the master when merging company records, main one being Person records, but can see it being useful for any. So rather than just merging everything by default give us the option to select which is e.g CTA’s, Success Plan, Timeline Activities etc etc

4 replies

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@HollySimmons completely true from the admin perspective, also this will save sometime from your end. 

Mainly we need more votes and technical possibilities to do. 

@All, please leave your vote here to show your interest. 

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Hi @HollySimmons, Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Can you help us understand the use-case better ?
Why would we want to ignore persons(Timeline entries, CTAs, Success Plans etc) on one company, would they not be important post company merge ?

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With persons specifically it can often lead to duplication, as they already exist on both company records. 

With timeline it could just be that we don’t want to transfer them, and once you create a timeline entry you can’t delete it (only the original author) - which also needs fixing btw ;) 

The alternative is to let us re-parent records such as Timeline, SP, CTAs etc via rules engine, which is often why I need to merge accounts (to move the records to the correct one). 

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Thanks for sharing more details @HollySimmons. Persons use case seems very common. We will add `Giving admins more flexibility in company merge` to our roadmap.
Will also check if we can provide the reparenting capability via rules.

@everyone Please upvote this idea if you share the same problem.