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Change Gainsight created objects to only include supported characters

  • 15 December 2020
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When using Data Designer, your object output can only include alphanumerics, whitespace and the ‘_’ character. When Gainsight creates a flattened survey object the name includes the ‘-’ character which is not supported (e.g. Survey-Flattened-SUR-55555) so in DD the object name must always be changed. While the workaround exists to change the name, Gainsight character support in reporting should be consistent with their naming conventions.


Requested Change:


Support additional characters (including the ‘-’ character) in Data Designer.

3 replies

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@bradleymcg Thanks for the request here. Will check with this and let you know. 

 We love to hear more feedback on DD. 


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@andutta any update on this? @ophirsw I think we have a character consistency/acceptability item flagged for discussion and this is another instance I forgot about.

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Thx for flagging @bradleymcg - oh and btw, cool new badge on your profile! :) Looping in @rakesh