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Change Field Types on AO Failed Participants

  • 24 August 2021
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Is there anyway that the field types on AO Failed Emails can be changed from JSON String and JSON ID.  Currently we have reports that look at this table, but because of these types we are unable to get to a customer C360 because this link is not clickable.  

3 replies

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@Chris Mudd we don’t have a way to do this. I will once again check on this and get back to you.

Also adding @alex_legay, JO expert. 

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@alex_legay @sai_ram 


I was attempting to work on a rule that would use the AO Failed Participants but am running into a similar issues.


We have an in-app survey that uses an anonymous survey where end users say they want to be dropped into a JO Email Program that is educational/informational. However, they do not realize they are globally opted out. We trigger people into the program based on an event.


Since they have opted back in, I am trying to run a rule against the AO Failed Participants in the program to override their Global Opt Outs. However since the fields are stored as “JSON String”, I cannot use them in a action nor can I use them in a transform to try to alter the field type. 


Is there a way to be able to do this?

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