Cascading due dates across all objectives

  • 25 November 2020
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When i change the due date for a objective CTA in a success plan, it just only cascades the date adjustment to the tasks under the objective CTA but not across all CTAs’. Am I missing a configuration?

4 replies

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Hi @bayareaguy 

As of today there is no way to cascade changes from one CTA to another. We are working on providing the ability to add dependencies between objectives, with this changes made to the dates of one CTA would also impact the dates of the dependant CTAs

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@aditya_marla is there any way to learn more about the upcoming changes to objective dependencies? I’m looking for similar functionality as we have certain objectives that shouldn’t be started until another objective has been completed and we want the due date to reflect that when a project status changes.

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Sorry for delayed reply. We are introducing ability to add dependency between objectives in Gantt chart as well as in success plan templates. Start date of “objective B“ can be dependent on due date of “objective A”. Currently these upgrades are in beta phase, hence should be available to all customers soon.

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Success Plan Horizon Analytics available in Gainsight NXT (Link). Success Plan Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as the ability to add dependency between the End Date and Start Date of multiple Objective CTAs, as well as the ability to drag-and-drop Objective CTAs in the Gantt Chart tab to change their End Dates, Start Dates, and the corresponding dates of all dependent Objective CTAs/Tasks.

Thanks for posting!