Can we allow calculated field in Email template to be used in Email Assist.

  • 26 August 2020
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Hello Team,

Currently, we are not able to use calculated field in the Email template to be used in Email Assist.

Can we provide that.


Thanks & Regards,


7 replies

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Hello @shrikant_kashid 
Yes, definitely we should provide this ability. We are currently working on some of the changes to support this. Once this onboarding this completed we will be able to support this.

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Hi @chethana ,

Do we have any update on this ? I can see few of the customers are asking for this functionality where they wanted to use calculated fields to be sent via email assist tasks.

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Hello @sandeepchidiri 
We are still working on new platform, once this is completed i should able to provide you can update on this.

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I ran into a huge issue with this. Users and I thought something broke and it was working fine previously. Is it possible to at least make the error more clear in these cases, or even prevent the mapping of calculated fields in the template builder itself? This is quite unbelievable that I have to go in circles and get 3 support responses before the 4th finally has an answer that should be documented or even called out / prevented in the product itself. Simply don’t show the calculated field as an option if it is not allowed! 

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Hello @gunjanm 
I agree, error should be specific.Thanks for bringing this up.

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Hi Team - Is there any update on when calculated fields could be tokenized?


We just got our upmarket CSMs to use Email Assist and finding out that calculated fields cannot be tokenized will limit value.


+1 to Gunjan that the error should be clarified. I had to open a support ticket myself to learn this

Would be awesome to have!