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calendar and meeting invites in Email Templates

  • 5 October 2017
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When building Email templates, Having placeholder or building a email template with Meeting invites and calendar blocks will be great. many times.

The use case we are trying to build is Leveraging Copilot feature to send communication to our internal employees. These emails are Training and  Enablement session communications that will have calendar blocks and meeting invites.

This use case can be leveraged to use with account contacts / customers as well.


2 replies

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Thanks for sharing this use case.

We do have the ability to attach ics and ical files and send via outreaches. We do not have a out of the box capability for integrating with calendar as of now. Once we get more use cases from our customers, we will prioritize the same.

Abhishek S
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We need the ability to tokenize or create a a “Download to calendar” button in JO, rather than only attach the .ICS file to the JO program.

The idea is, somewhere in GS we could upload the .ICS meeting file, then this would generate a URL for us to be able to attach to the button in the JO email template.

When the JO email was sent, the end user could then click on this button, and it would automatically pull up the calendar invite and allow them to save/RSVP that invite to their outlook calendar (or whatever calendar software they use).

This would help us tremendously! Please add this feature!