C360 Section Usage Data Filter Needed

  • 12 August 2020
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We utilize 2 usage sections in the 360 that come from AE (Company and Person), designed with a Person lookup (referencing the platform user ID). However, our Person information contains some duplicates and records without a platform user ID. As a result, when selecting from the user dropdown in the 360 Person Layout usage section, users can see 20+ records, despite there only being 3 platform users. It is very frustrating for CSMs to spend time clicking through contacts that aren’t platform users until they find the right contacts with usage data. 

We would like to see logic developed either in AE that limits the lookup to only include users with a platform user ID OR the ability on the C360 for users to filter based on platform user ID.

1 reply

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We have an option of Global filtering on Layouts using it to  configure person data to be read from Person Information object formerly known as Person usage object and global filtering on it.

I think this was configured for you and this has since been resolved .

Please let us know if you still have any additional issues on this.