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C360 Related Lists (add button and view/edit icons)

  • 16 August 2016
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When a related list is added to a C360 section, from my understanding, an "Add" button as well as a view icon (eyeball) are available to the end user. In addition, if that user has access, an edit icon (pencil) is also made available. If the user doesn't have the access to add a record, an error message will be displayed.

Currently, there isn't a way to configure whether you want these icons to appear, but it would be useful for this option - especially for the "Add" button.

7 replies

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We will try to find out if a user has create permissions and restrict the visibility of the add button automatically. Would that be okay or would a configuration still be preferred?
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If permissions are allowed for either the Add or Edit icons, I'd like the choice to configure whether the icons show up or not. Thanks!
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The delete button should be included in this.  I would only want select people to add, edit, and delete relationships. 
I agree with the option to have the choice as to whether these icons show up.  Currently causes confusion to our users. 
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Any updates on this request?
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There is another aspect for this issue.
We have customized the buttons that create new SFDC records in SFDC layouts (e.g., New Contact, or a custom object). 
This enables us to apply additional processes before the new record is created.
If users use the ADD option from GS, they are created faulty records with critical info missing!
Hence we need to be able to either remove the ADD button or customize it the way we did in SFDC layouts.
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I have also created two other ideas for low volume objects that would hopefully help: