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C360: Google Drive integration for CSMs to store customer documentation

  • 23 July 2015
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At Red Hat we use Google Docs folders for collaborative customer-related documentation.  If we had the ability to access a shared folder directly from within the C360 tool that would be huge for us.

6 replies

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This would need to be a CSM creates a Google Docs folder to capture files that pertain to that particular customer.  It would be a unique URL for each customer 360 page.

What I need is a card on the C360 page which will allow me to enter a unique URL that will provide access to that specific customer folder.
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Currently Customer 360 page is not having a functionality to edit any custom attributes of Customer or  Account .But if the attribute is already populated with URL those attributes can be shown in either Summary or Account Attributes sections of C360 page.
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I see that you have also requested for similar integration for Success Snapshots. We will review the possibilities with Google Drive integration.

We are able to integrate with Box to show folders specific to a customer via our embed page feature in C360. I am not sure if we can achieve similar integration with Google Drive folders.

Now that we have added editing capabilities to attributes in C360, you should be able to create custom field on either customer info or account object to store this url and then set/access it from C360.
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I also need the ability of Account specific information in the form of URLs in the  Customer 360 page

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@wmurthy could you please add few more lines for better understanding.

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See our CSMs like to keep information like this in the Accounts 360 page. They currently store information such as the ones below specific to each Account.

  • Customer URL
  • Zendesk URL
  • Org Chart URL 
  • GDrive Location
  • Slack URL

These are currently stored as Comments.  Unfortunately the Comments field does not recognize URLs I am told. 

My ask is if there's any easy way to store these as URLs/Links.