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C360: Be able to add "sections" to tabs

  • 31 March 2021
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We have many tabs that apply to similar types of data. Since the data pulls from different objects, we cannot put them on the same related list. It would be great to have a navigation to the C360 tabs, similar to how the navigation is done to get to different parts of Gainsight. Right now we try to keep similar types of data together, but you cannot tell when you are moving from one grouping to another


For example, we have various ways to identify contacts for an account. We have Contacts, Instance Contacts (to indicate who is primary on each instance), Sponsor Tracking, and Community Titans. All of these have to do with Customer Contacts. It would be great to be able to add a section for “Contacts” and be able to nest all these sections under.



4 replies

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I vaguely recall this being discussed as a feature in the upcoming C360 redesign but I could be wrong. Also not sure which of the Admin feedback ended up sticking and is being adopted.

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@ana_g me too. 

@andreammelde let me check the same with product team and get back to you.

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Hey @ana_g, Thank you for sharing your idea here.
We are keeping a special focus on making it easy to group similar data in C360 as part of the redesign, by enabling users to group Reports built on different objects under one section and bringing in conceptual grouping ability to Attributes sections etc.
We hope these measures will address the core issue you were trying to highlight.

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@gopal_rao_kallepu that is great - a way to group reports from different objects to the same tab would also solve the navigation issue