C360 assigning attributes for layouts

  • 3 January 2019
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We have found that when you are trying to assign a C360 layout you cannot use a boolean or specifically a checkbox field to assign a layout. The use case behind this would be an account that has a certain box checked would get a different layout than one that does not have that box checked. This would simplify the assigning process and make it dynamic so that if an account does change from "true" or "false" the other layout is assigned."

Ideally we could use any field on the account of customer info objects to assign a layout.

The only work around would be to create a formula field to look at the respective boolean field and update another field with true or false. However we would like to keep this in GS.

7 replies

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Thanks for the feedback Cameron. 

We are planning to revisit the "layout assignment" feature. This is in our medium term roadmap. 

I will keep you updated on this as we make progress.

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@jitin_mehndiratta I'd really like to know what the plans are for redeveloping this feature before it actually goes into development, in order to give "real world" input on what you're planning to build.

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@mollie_nothnagel @dan_ahrens I'm interested in more detail/giving input on how this is being developed.

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I'd like to vote this up as I have also been "challenged" when attempting to use a boolean as well as assign multiple C360 and attempting to use individual criteria to define assignment. If I can provide any use-cases please feel free to consider me a resource.

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Another post for this:

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Having the same problem with relationship layouts - need to differentiate between two layouts using a boolean field and I can’t! I thought that would be the simplest kind of field to use, but I suppose not. If I really want to I guess that I can convert the boolean field to a “Yes” or “No” string in a new field to use… but why should that be necessary?

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Also voting this up, we would like to use a boolean for assigning Layouts.