Bulk Update CTA Ownership (by End User)

  • 14 December 2017
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This is [i]similar to a couple of existing conversations, but more of a spin for end-user (non-Admin) management. We'd like the ability to bulk assign CTAs (or Objectives within a Success Plan) by a non-Admin user. 

In addition to Customer Success Managers, we have Technical Success Managers that manage projects (Onboarding, Events, etc.) through the use of both Success Plans (w/ Objectives) and CTAs.  When a TSM is away on vacation, they must go in an assign all of their Success Plans to their cross-over, as well as manually assign each Objective/CTA. It is very tedious and time consuming for that individual. 

For our third-shift folks, we route all Onboarding Success Plans (auto-created via Rules) to a single, senior member, who then assigns out those Success Plans and Objectives. Again, this falls victim to the tedious task of having to assign this on a one-by-one basis. 

I do realize that their is a Mass Update option available to Administrators, as mentioned in Mass edit objective CTAs and CTA mass change when CSD assignment changes, but we really need this ability for the entire team. This could also easily turn into a full time responsibility for the Admins. 

What we have envisioned is just an ability to select multiple CTAs from either the Cockpit or the Success Plan Objectives page and then apply action to those. Kind of similar to your email inbox.

6 replies

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Hi Cinco,

Thanks for sharing this. Would you want this ability of Mass updating CTA's be available to all end users or only some specific users ? Also would having the ability to reassign the ownership of their (CTA's they own) CTA's be sufficient (or any other additional capabilities would be needed such as ...changing status/priority etc?)

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Adding to this, I think this would be most useful for the CTA owner for reassigning, completing, and deleting CTAs. 
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Hi @cmultanen :

Thanks for sharing the details. For all of these use-cases, its only users performing operations on the CTA’s they own right?

Also we are working on redesigning cockpit and as a part of that, we will be making it easier for users to update a CTA (owner, status etc.)...this would also make it easier for users update many CTA’s easily

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@cmultanen and @cinco_coates did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @aditya_marla 

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@rakesh_lingala I don’t think the release enhancements actually address this Idea/request. From what I understand, there needs to be easier ways of updating CTAs at mass by the end user. Whether this is reassignment or simply updating several tasks (by selection) due date. Here is a great example of some feedback one of my CSMs provided in a recent survey I shared internally with the team to get a gauge of their usage and happiness with our instance:

“wish there was an easy way to push all today's due dates to tomorrow. I like to organize my cockpit by CTA or Task due date of today only. I don't always get through all those things so any remaining items I typically spend a decent chunk of time editing those due dates to tomorrow so they show up tomorrow instead of getting lost in "overdue" and fall off my radar”

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@gunjanm Sorry for the confusion here. That’s correct. We don’t have mass edit option for the end user. We will evaluate this use case. We don’t have any immediate plans for this yet.