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Better handling of European characters (e.g., é, ü, ø...)

  • 25 June 2020
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When loading data to Gainsight CS, European characters (letters with accents and specific Scandinavian letters for example) typically lead to issues. As many of our users have these characters in their names, this leads to less pleasant situations when addressing them with their first name in emails from the Journey Orchestrator for example.

3 replies

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My team has also encountered this issue when using the Outlook plug-in. The accent on characters appears in incorrect places at times causing confusion.


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Hello @vmoore 
This looks like a bug, i will check this with team and get back to you.

We have the same issue when trying to upload a CSV with french and german accents. Despite using UTF-8 as a format it screws the accents. When importing the CSV file into excel or access accents are displayed correctly. We logged a ticket with GS support.