Be able to use merge fields in a url rules engine email

  • 27 July 2016
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Currently it is not possible to use merge fields in a URL from a SFDC email template in a rules engine email. It is not possible to map the tokens.

The use case is that they are trying to tokenize the url link using these merge fields.

I have a customer that would like to do this.

3 replies

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Hey Alex:

Where do these merge values exist?  If the format of the token in SFDC is ${!Contact.Birthdate} then it will show as an available mapping option in the Rules Engine for Send Email action.

I'd imagine if they are tokenizing a url you might be able to accomplish this.

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+1 to Scott's answer

Recommend to use copilot where this would be even easier.
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This is something I am working on as well.

The fields I need to map to/tokenize are within the URL.  Based of the example below, would it be possible to do this in copilot as Sundar suggested?${!}&AccountID=${!}