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Be able to see the value of a Calculated Field in JO participants

  • 11 October 2021
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Once a participant passes through a conditional wait with a calculated field, there’s no way to see what the value of that field was in order to validate that the calculated field is functioning as expected. Currently, you can only preview participants in an active state, but that doesn’t help if their values change at the completion of the timer.

I have a program with two conditional waits referencing the same calculated field with the same conditions. Participants passed as expected through the first wait and did not pass through as expected in the second, yet I can’t troubleshoot the cause because I can’t see what value the system saw at the time they were evaluated.

4 replies

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Shocked to find this isn’t a 3 year old request…. :p

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Hello @kelly, thanks for your post. Having this looked into by our Product Manager and get back to you. 

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Hi @kelly ,

Thanks for sharing this.

I have added the request to product backlog for prioritisation.