Be able to embed an NPS question into a CoPilot Email Template

  • 11 December 2015
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What is the expected production date to embed a survey into an email, specifically the one question NPS?
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We would also LOVE this as we expect it would increase response rates dramatically. 
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How would an embedded NPS survey work with the just released Advanced Outreach? Would we need to create a new campaign? 
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Yes, you will need to create a new campaign in Advanced Outreach.
Excited for this functionality too! Looking forward to having it live in our env soon 🙂
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From my understanding, this feature will only allow embedding a single NPS question in an email.  Are there plans to expand this to embed the 1st answer of a survey and then launch the rest in a new browser tab?  

For example: the NPS question is in the email, when the customer selects a response it launches the survey with a free response question etc.
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Hi Scott,
We will embed both question and answer and on click of answer option it opens survey in new tab with that answer pre-filled for that question.
The answer will be pre-filled in the survey page and will be partial saved.
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Hi Brittany, Summer Release is out and this feature is shipped in Summer Release.
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Thank You!
Hi Team!

Firstly...kudos to Brittany for starting this thread 3 years ago and seeing it through to the end! And of course kudos to GS for deploying the release.

Can I get an idea of how far this has come since the release? Particularly, I'm looking to get more than just 1 question/answer embedded into an email and ideally a user experience such as Google Forms where the customer fills out and sends without ever leaving the email. This a possibility in GS?