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Batching Distribution of CoPilot Campaigns

  • 16 June 2016
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When sending campaigns from CoPilot, some outreaches may create a lot of traffic for our CSM team - it would be great to automatically "batch" the emails to go out in small chunks over a period of time. The last thing we want is for customers to feel engaged from an outreach then not get a response if they have a follow up question.

I know it's possible to split up the powerlist with arbitrary criteria, but that's not an ideal solution ... 

To illustrate this more clearly with an specific example of an upcoming campaign, we are targeting more than 5,000 individuals - I would like to send 1250 emails at a time over two days (e.g., 1250 at 10 am, 1250 at 2 pm, and repeat on subsequent days until all customers contacted). 

2 replies

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Thanks for posting this idea, that's fine level of sophistication in product. Will wait to see how many have the same requirement.
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I would have the same need Marissa. We are working on our 1:many strategy and are currently facing an outreach that will target 5000 accounts and 10000 contacts. Batching that is essential. I can get hacky and use something like "only accounts whose name starts with 'A', 'B', or 'C'". I have done that before but its gross. A batching function would be much easier.