Automatically add timestamp as token value to scorecard comments

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We use scorecard comments to provide information about a customer in a given week. We have a rule that updates scorecards every time the health of a scorecard changes. We want to be able to add the token of date/time when it is changed.

We also want to not write over the previous comments but instead add to the comments so that it would look something like the attached (automatically if the rule ever runs due to a change in the scorecard).

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Hi Allie,

We have a limitation of the length of the text field which stores the comments set to 5000. Hence , we don't allow the functionality of appending comments one after the other. However , we are thinking of a way in which we can have a timeline for scorecards where you can track the history of all comments for each measure.

For your second suggestion for adding timestamp tokens , we will add it to the roadmap for the ability to add time tokens. Hope this helps.

Abhishek S
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We would really like to see the date on the overall scorecard comment, and then be able to have a rule just on that date for the CSMs to make sure they have a recent comment (ex. within the last 3 or 6 months) on the account. It is the first thing any management levels look at and it brought into a lot of reports. 
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Hi Christin, 

By "date on the overall scorecard comment" -  do you want to see when was the last time the score was modified in the  360 section? (Similar to how its show for other measures....and that data should be available in reports as well?)
Also, are the comments entered manually Or automated via rules
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Hi Aditya, 

Yes we are looking for the overall scorecard comment date.  This is always done manually.  Right now we turned off rules for the rest of the scorecard measures but will be turning them on again soon.  
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This would be a huge item for our CSM monthly scorecard. We track last comment updates and rank CSMs accordingly per our KPIs. Simple fix to help ellivate human error and very manual process for our CSMs and our CS Ops team members .

Hi @allie_gold / @christin_sambor / @davebrown2242

We have done Scorecards-Timeline integration and now we maintain history of comments for each scorecard measure. With this, we can see the scorecard comments related information like when and who gave the scorecard comment.

This will be available in the upcoming release.

FYI @shantan_reddy

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Great News! Can you remind us of the next release cycle date?

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@sai_raghavarapu Thanks for letting us know the good news! with this most of the Scorecard comments issues will be solved.

Multiple customers asking to change the size of the scorecard comments box, this will fix the sizing issue too.

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@davebrown2242 sure, will intimate here!

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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of v6.8 release(Nov).

We are replacing the comments box with a timeline-like activity feed. The following are the benefits of upgrading to this feature:

  • Retains a history of activities against a measure.
  • Allows the use of rich text formatting.
  • Users can @mention colleagues in comments.
  • Users can start comment threads.
  • Displays manual updates in the company/relationship Timeline.
  • Provides clear visuals in reporting.

You can find the relevant information in our v6.8 Release Notes. This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!