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Automated migration of Rules from Production to Sandbox

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As Admin - I always look how to replicate data/configuration to Sandbox and I have not seen any automated process to replicate rules/configuration to sandbox or sandbox to production.  Idea is to have automated process to perform rules/migration to/from environments.

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Brijesh, this is something we just started working on. Not a small project, but expect to see progress on this soon. 
Now that Salesforce has included a partial copy sandbox with "Lightning Enterprise" Salesforce licensing, by creating a sandbox template including all objects, that catches all the JBCXM custom objects & when you login to the Sandbox, you'll see ALL your Gainsight Config.   Now I just have to learn how to configure Gainsight in Sandbox to activate the connection to Gainsight's back end.
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our usecase it migrating to production
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Hey Brijesh, I know its been awhile since you posted about migrating data but I thought I would comment to make sure you have learned about Gainsight Migration tool?
I just posted the below to Community today and thought you might find it helpful.
Cross-org Migration: Sandbox to Production or Production to Sandbox
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Todd - i am using migration tool where i am finding that Rule with Account objects only support and not for other types of object.
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Vote up! I like to test this as well 🙂
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Hi Megan,

Have you tried using Cross Org Migration tool -

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I more would use it to test outcomes versus migration. I am fine building in Prod direct but if you want to test how something will appear in the system and not just in excel files. Is that part of this?
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You can now refresh you Gainsight sandbox which grabs all the latest data from Production. I don’t believe you can automate this through the rules engine but it will help to update all the data.