Automated CTAs - Add ability to post to Comments OR Chatter

  • 9 September 2015
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When creating an automated CTA, we have the ability to post to Chatter/Comments - all or nothing.  We would like the ability to post only to Comments.

8 replies

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Any special reason why you do not want comments to be posted to chatter? 

Chatter gives an ability to track each post separately unlike comments which is just one text area field. Hence we look at chatter as a replacement to comments and always post to chatter when chatter is enabled. 
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Yes, that is all true.   However, the CSM's felt that posting to Chatter each time a CTA is automatically created too much noise on the account record.   Some of the CTAs could have useful comments for the CSM though (i.e. project status went from green to yellow).   
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Sidhu, in our case we want to push Chatter ourselves via a manual @ mention, vs. an automated Gainsight CTA message (which is directed to the CSM).
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Hi Sidhu, I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if there are any plans to allow customers to post notes to CTA's OR Chatter. I know there are some use cases where this will be really helpful. 
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Hi Sidhu - bumping this thread up as well. 

In addition - is there the ability to copy text (via a rule) automatically from chatter to the comments section of the CTA (or vice versa)?
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Adding in my thoughts on this... there are items that are useful for broad awareness to the organization which should be posted to chatter, and others that are really internal process points for the CS org. By making this "all or nothing," for the latter items I have no way to provide context to the assigned individual without making that totally public and part of the historical record.

My current example is "whoops, the renewal opp wasn't set up correctly." As much fun as it is to tell [i]everybody that we didn't do something correctly and on time... it'd be even better to just remind the responsible party. As it stands I can only set up the CTA and can't provide the reason (forgot to set up the product, wrong date, etc.)
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My thoughts exactly! We have many groups interacting with accounts in salesforce, and the comments that are very useful in the CTA are not necessarily useful for the entire company to see when they access the page. 

Any plans to update? 
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Capability to post updates separately to CTA comment and chatter is available now.