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auto fill email/ names on internal/external section for timeline activities

  • 13 March 2020
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I got this from one of our CSMs:


You know what would be cool?


If Gainsight had the ability to scan the emails we put in, or the names, and auto-include them on the Internal/External section. For timeline activities.


That would be really cool.

3 replies

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Are you referring to BCC to Timeline? That should log external attendees from the To if there is a match in People records.

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@bencjaxn did you get a chance to view the comments by @john_apple 

Hey @bencjaxn,

Do you solve this problem ? One of our CSM’s come up with a similar question:

Our CSM's distribute a Customer Health Score to customers and this should be automatically transferred from the email to the timeline. Is something like this possible?