Auto Assign Contacts to CTAs & Objectives

Our CTAs require we manually add a contact to each CTA and/or Objective or Task. Most of the time the contact will not change from one task to another. It would be ideal to provide an option for a contact to be auto-assigned to any CTAs, Tasks and Objectives. 

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Absolutely! When working a success plan, I want to add my contact to the first objective and then every subsequent objective and task inherit that contact by default.
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Hi Stephanie, do you have a single primary contact identified per customer record that might be relevant to use as the default for each CTA that is created? Or did you have another selection mechanism in mind to know which contact should be attached to the CTA record?
Hi Dan! Sorry, I didn't see your response until now. In our SFDC account we have identified a primary contact (or multiple contacts that can be considered primary). What additional information can I provide?  
I would add, when a CTA or Success Plan is manually applied, we want to assign the primary contact at that time so to they are tied as the default contact to every associated task within the CTA/Playbook.
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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for sharing this. If I understand correctly, you want the "associate contact" added to the CTA to be available on all its task by default? Is there any reason to have the contact information available again at the task level (are any subsequent processes built on top of this?)
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this would be useful for us too - is there a way to do this?