Associate Relationship Level Timeline Activities with Multiple Relationships but Show Only Once on the C360 Timeline

  • 8 June 2021
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We are heavy users of Relationships, and are also in a big push for our CSMs to hold strategic engagements (which we have set up as a timeline activity type) with their respective relationships. Our relationships are set up 1:1 for solutions that are sold on a customer’s contract. Sometimes these customer teams operate independently, other times the same team may be part of multiple relationships. This has caused us headaches in a few areas, but one in particular is logging/tracking our Strategic Engagements. Our current ‘solution’ is to copy/paste and log the engagement to all relationships that were included, but then we have duplicate activities on the C360.

What we’d like to see, is an option to log a single timeline activity on multiple relationships at once, but then only roll up to the C360 timeline as a single activity. This would give us the relationship level reporting/visibility we need, but not clog our account timeline with duplicate activities.

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3 replies

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@katie_b thank you for your time on the use-case. The requirement is clear and the good news is we have this in development phase(adding multiple relationships to single Timeline activity). I will let you know here once we this is ready. 

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@sai_ram That is great! Thank you for the quick update.

Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.27 release (SFDC / NXT). This enhancement makes it easy to share the information captured in one activity to multiple, relevant locations.

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.