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Associate multiple contacts in the email assist task

  • 15 March 2019
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Hi Team,

Is there any possibility to associate multiple contacts to the email assist task, automatically ? Customer wanted to see if there's a way to list out the names or emails of the contacts in the "comments" section.

Customer was able to get one contact in the comments section via rule, but that that didn't help given they have 6. Currently, we can associate one contact to have it auto populate as seen in this doc but the customer is looking for a way to populate as when they get to the tasks they don't know who to send to.

Reason : Reps who are working on a renewal, they dont know all of the contacts by name. So, they have to go into salesforce to look up the contacts to add to the email assist (which takes just as long as drafting an email).

I understand that it can only default to one contact, but I'd like to be able to better showcase the list of clients that are available for that particular account. Is there a workaround for that ?

5 replies


+1 for this. We are trying to build CTAs with email assist tasks for Directors to perform executive outreach at certain points in the customer lifecycle. We have a flag on a contact record for who is a champion/main contact and occasionally accounts will have 2-3. Directors are not working with these accounts every day and will not know who else to add without having to go searching through the contacts.

The goal would be to associate all contacts matching the criteria (main contact = true) automatically on the CTA so they pull into the To field of the email assist task. If that is not possible, it would be great to bring in the list of all matching contacts into the comment field to ensure no important contact is missed.

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Hello @hardik_mota @lpietryga 
Thanks for your inputs.  Let me check this and get back to you.

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You’re welcome, @chethana 

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+1 for this request. It would very helpful in reducing the manual effort our CS team has with loading in multiple contacts for each email they send.

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Hello Everyone,

We will support this capability in coming quarter. I will update on the timelines.