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Assign multiple contacts to a CTA

  • 30 April 2019
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In our org we are tracking specific 90 days plans for every new product user who enters the onboarding phase. We have CTAs created with playbooks assigned every time a new user enters this phase and these CTAs go to our CSMs/training team to complete.

But rather than flagging one CTA per one new user - some customers will have multiple new users added at the same time and the onboarding steps are the same across all users, is there a way I can assign multiple users to one CTA in the rule set up? I know i can do this manually in the actual CTA via "Associated Contact" but can this be set up in the CTA?I tried to find some info on the "Associated Contact" field in rules - Action - CTA set up but haven’t been able to find anything (probably looking in the wrong place)

Thanks in advance


5 replies

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Hi Katerina,

Thanks a lot for sharing yout use case. For now via rules you can only associate one contact. Also if multiple users enter the onboarding phase are the same tasks are done individually for each user Or are they done sepearately for each user?

Is there any other reporting you need on the CTA completion per user? If not would adding new users in the comments section work?

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Hi Aditya

Thanks for your reply.

The challenge is that we do need reporting on the users - every single one of them, to ensure we have onboarded them all, to track who's not adopted our products even after onboarding/missed onboarding and so on. The end of onboarding also marks a milestone to trigger a TRX survey.

The problem is that the onboarding process is exactly the same for 1 or 200 users and there often are multiple users signed up at any one time. It would be great if we could automate the process as one CTA per instance rather than one CTA per one user, but with the ability to track and report on all those new users in that one instance.



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Thanks a lot for the details. It is not possible to do that today, I will let you know as we make enancements to support this feautre (Ideally if we have the ability to associate multiple contacts via rules, it sould solve your use case right?)

Another question I have was, lets say 20 users onboarded at the same time...are the tasks the CSM/Training team needs to do generic/common for all the customers (like sending out an email) or something specific to each user?

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@aditya_marla : Do we have this use case solved or is there is an ETA?


+1 to this suggestion. I’d like to be able to associate multiple decision-maker Contacts to a single renewal CTA created in rules engine based on SF Opportunity data.