Assign group CTAs

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I need the ability to create and assign CTAs to a group of individuals. Is this available? On the roadmap? 

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@pete.farrell sorry for the inconvenience. We accept it as an enhancement request and redirecting this to the product team. 

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@pete.farrell I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused. I would like to understand your problem better. Do these 4 teams work of different types of CTAs or is there an overlap? For example, does team 1 work only on risk CTAs and team 2 work only on objective CTAs or can either teams work on both risk and objective CTAs?

The TAMs, Residents and CSMs will all work on the same accounts and they each have their own type of CTAs. Not all the CTAs have owners set (I may be able to correct that) and many of the users are not aware of using the My CTA filter. So to make this more seamless for the users, if I could assign CTAs to a user group or alternatively have a group filter for the Cockpit that could be employed as a default based on the group the user belongs too.