Any recommendations for displaying SWOT in C360?

  • 10 June 2015
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We're trying to sub out our Success Plans (currently ppts) for Customer 360.

One part we're missing is a SWOT analysis, which our Exec time has always appreciated.

Anyone have a way they're displaying this?
We're using the scorecard field for now but would like more of a SWOT display.

3 replies

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We've discussed the need for similar "Account Plan" section in C360. I believe that they are working on something along those lines, but sooner would be better than later 🙂
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We are actively working on providing Success Plans as a feature on Customer 360. Kate, I'd love to better understand your existing process, and talk about how we could address your needs with this feature. Will reach out directly to chat further.
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Hey Kate,

I recently started going through all of the unanswered
or unresolved problems and questions here. Was checking to see if this
has been resolved or if it is an ongoing issue/question?