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Alternative to "No Data Found" for dashboard displays

  • 28 July 2016
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I would love to be able to praise CSMs for staying on top of their data integrity. I built them a dashboard that shows them whether they have any accounts with no scorecard data. If all of their clients have at least one scorecard rating, I'd rather the dashboard display "Nice work!" instead of "No Data Found" as this can be misleading. The lack of data is the goal state. If, conversely, the lack of data is bad, I'd like to be able to personalize that message too. This would add a human touch to a sometimes under-appreciated and over-worked team!


3 replies

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This is a cool idea. Reminds me how Gmail shows you a nice easter egg if you get to Inbox Zero.

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Thanks Eric! Cool idea. We can probably have GS Admins build a replacement custom message for "No Data Found" for each report. Like in a usage report "How come no one is using us?" ... Will try to get this requirement in 🙂
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Thanks very much, Sudarshan. Appreciate the support on this.