Allowing null values to appear in pie charts and graphs

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In salesforce, when you have a data component that has a null value, by default it appears as a segment in a pie chart. 

We track "most recent use" date for all of our customers by quarter, and we have used a pie chart to track this in the past so that we can see how active our total customer base is. If a new customer hasn't yet used our product yet (or an old customer), we want to be able to see what % of the total this represents. However, because the value is null it doesn't appear in the pie chart. So we have to use two charts to approximate this total.

We'd love to be able to view null values on the pie chart as well. Please VOTE IT UP!

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Null values are displayed in graphs with the label "NA". Please let me know if this answers your question. 

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It doesn't, because the "N/A" isn't currently showing up for us unfortunately. I've submitted this to support but it never was resolved. So that's why I've submitted this idea. 
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Sorry--to clarify this, the issue is that "NA" doesn't show up if you group dates by Quarter, and that's what drives our CSM goals. So the feature request is to display NA if there is a null value for a date field that is grouped by quarter.
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We currently default the values to zero when there is no data after grouping by quarter, month, year. We will add this request to our backlog and execute on the same. Actual timing is TBD.