Allow Timeline Activities to be Cloned

  • 26 January 2018
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Right now, CSMs have to add a lot of the same information into Timeline Activities when they're creating them for the same account. A lot of them have requested that they be cloneable and then editable (similar to the functionality for rules).

14 replies

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Often CSMs have weekly syncs with the same customer contacts and attendees at each of these, and they find it cumbersome to have to fill in this info every time. Does that help?
We'd love to have the ability to clone Timeline activities for very similar reasons as noted above.  
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I have CSMs asking for this functionality also in our org.

I came here today to make the “clone timeline activity” enhancement request and find several are ahead of me. My company has Strategic CSMs who meet weekly with the same people and follow largely the same meeting agenda. Having the ability to ‘clone’ a previous timeline activity would be a great timesaver. They would only need to tweak the meeting notes for each new meeting.

Any updates from the Product Team? Is this under review or has it been added to the roadmap? Thank you for any update.

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@andrew_cummins and @Jim Maxwell Thanks for bringing this request back. We have shipped a lot of new features in last release . 

Redirecting this request to our product team. 

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Got it.  Yes, that makes total sense. 
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Need this ASAP please!

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This would make keeping meeting agendas, notes, and to do’s.  When you start to prep for the next meeting, you clone the last one and start to update. This was a feature I loved in my previous note taking tool (rhymes with OneNote) that will make the transition to gainsight even easier.


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This is a valid ask but, We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items. Adding it to our long-term roadmap.

I just wanted to put in another vote for this functionality.  We have only been using Gainsight for 2 weeks, and CSM’s are already asking for the ability to clone activities.  Please make this a short-term roadmap item, as it would be a huge help for CSM’s.  Thank you!

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Thanks for the post.  Can you explain a bit more about why the CSMs feel the need to clone?  Under what situations would this be useful?
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thank you for clarifying!
+1 - Any update on this?

One more vote for the ability to clone timeline activities! This should definitely be short-listed as it would save me a lot of time adding bulk emails.