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Allow the renaming of column in breakdown tables

  • 15 January 2021
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Hi Gainsight,

I believe it could be useful to be able to rename column in the breakdown view. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to understand what is what if they all look the same :) Thanks



4 replies

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@Ester.Memoli Adding my comment from your question post, to pre-empt this response to your request, because I agree it should happen.


There is a way to change these fields on widgets/visualizations, but it is somewhat limited, as they need to already be show or group by fields in your base report.


If you click the gear icon on one of your fields on the report and change the name, after you re-run it it should show up in your breakdown as well with the new name:




However, if you’re adding fields that don’t already show or group by fields on your report then you are out of luck. So while this (I don’t think) will help you with your current request you might find it useful for other applications. And I agree admins should be able to edit display names for breakdown fields because showing Name Name Name is unacceptable.

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It looks like @rakesh mentioned this is coming in Feb?!

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@gunjanm Just saw that on the question thread! Linking here for prosperity: 


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Hi @bradleymcg , thanks for the hint, it’s great to know it anyway!