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Allow the ability to include/exclude nulls when creating a participant list in a journey source

  • 16 September 2021
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Ideally, all of the filtering capabilities that exist in Reporting can be replicated when creating a participant list for a program.  Please see screenshots. 


Here’s my situation:

I have created a process for the CS team to launch a CSAT program by simply closing a CTA in a playbook.  One of their initial steps is to confirm who will receive the survey based on various roles - and this confirmation happens by looking at a report that mirrors the filters found on the journey orchestrator to identify the expected participants.  We recently identified the need to allow CSMs to exclude people from certain standard communication campaigns and would like to do this by having an “exclude” multi-picklist on the person or company person record (I’ve tested both).  


While I can create the proper filtering logic in the report the team uses to confirm intended recipients, I cannot recreate that filter logic when creating the sources in the program because I cannot include nulls.  The checkbox to include/exclude nulls is missing.  


I’m actively working on a work around and there are probably many different ways to achieve what I’m trying to do, but I wanted to let you know of the hiccup on functionality I would have expected to be consistent and available across similar areas of the platform.


5 replies

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And I’m hitting a wall with figuring out a workaround.  Anyone reading this who has ideas or advice, please share.  

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I have a great conversation going in the admin community with many folks trying to troubleshoot this with me.  https://globalgainsightadmins.slack.com/archives/C01H3GB97PX/p1631747006317600

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This looks like an enhancement request  - The rules engine does NOT expose an = operator on a multi-select picklist, and because of that, it is not providing the option to filter for null values that exist on a multi-selected picklist field. This seems like a product gap. Is there a backend tenant option that would enable null filtering on multi-select picklists for the rules engine -- could there be? 


Here’s a video comparison  of a company person report with the multi-select picklist field → the ability to include or exclude nulls IS present, then in Cynthia’s program you can only check values on the multi-select picklist. 

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Thanks for getting this posted!

Would be great if we could check for NULL values in a multi-select picklist in both the Rules Engine, and in JO query builder.

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hi @cynthiam ,

Thanks for posting this. I have added this as an enhancement request to the product backlog for prioritisation.