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Allow suppression of the "Action" column on C360 related lists

  • 9 May 2019
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I thought this had been posted previously, but I cannot find it.

Admins should be able to suppress the Action column on a report by report basis on the C360.

Use Cases:

1. Opportunities - We have related lists built off the Opportunity object. CSMs don't have permission to edit Opportunities, so when they click on that pencil icon they get a permissions error. Which results in service tickets for people who think it's a mistake.

2. Contacts - Somewhat related to this. We use Salesforce Related Contacts functionality. In order to combine Contacts and Related Contacts onto a single C360 section we created a Data Space, with the foundational object of Account Contact Relationship (Related Contacts). Reports added to this section ALL have Actions tied to the Account Contact Relationship object - even for DIRECT Contacts. This is causing confusion for our end users AND resulting in erroneous record updates (CSMs updating the Account Contact Relationship record when they SHOULD update the Contact record or vice versa).

3. Milestones - we do not want CSMs editing milestones, as we are auto-generating milestones as appopriate. We have had situations where end users have edited them, through the Action column. This throws off reporting.

We should be able to hide the Action column where we deem it appropriate.

1 reply

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I came here with the same issue/question in mind. I just created a Dataspace-driven related list C360 section showing survey responses and comments. Clicking the actions leads to a Survey User Answer record where you can't see any useful info...but you could change the Account associated with the answer. I was hoping I could simply opt out of the "Actions" column, save some screen real estate and prevent shenanigans or confusion.