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Allow real-time rule to set a datetime field

  • 15 April 2021
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I recently created a real-time rule to date stamp when the CSM field is changed. This looks at any time the CSM is changed, then loads to a datetime field on a separate Gainsight object. This allows me to see an easily-reportable log of when these assignments change. 

The real-time rule works great, but I noticed that even when I used a datetime field as the target time stamp field, it will only populate the date (shows 12:00 am as the time).

Is there a way real-time rules can populate the datetime instead of just the date?

One other thing I noticed in setting this field - I only had the option to do “Add N Days to Run Date” and I set it to 0 which works. But it would be nice if an option was “Run Date” like in the rules engine.


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