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Allow other unique identifiers for CS -> PX

  • 2 December 2020
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For data privacy reasons the users records that we load to PX are anonymous, i.e they don’t have their name or e-mail included. 

In CS, when we bring the PX data in via the connector, we match the users back to their name/email using the PX ID as the unique identifier. 

However we’re currently unable to do the same in reverse - we want to run an in-app engagement triggered by JO in CS but the target audience would be based on matching by e-mail address (which doesn’t exist in PX). 

Please can you allow other unique identifiers (our use case would be PX ID) to be used between the platforms?

2 replies

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@HollySimmons acknowledged your request and redirecting this to our product team.

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@HollySimmons we are analyzing the request and we will get back to you.