Allow me to set up a Follow-Up Outreach on an Outreach that hasn't been sent

  • 12 April 2016
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We're sending NPS surveys out of Gainsight for the first time this quarter, instead of SurveyMonkey + Marketo. I love that I can set up a follow-up outreach using the brand new feature, since that significantly increases our response rates. However, apparently (via support ticket 9595) I can only set up the follow-up after the original outreach that sends the survey has actually been sent. Before then, the outreach's "Follow-Up" tab is not available.

I'd like to be able to set up my outreach, set up a follow-up on that outreach, and schedule that follow-up outreach for three days after the original outreach. That would let me put all my ducks carefully in a row before actually launching the original outreach, and then all I have to do is kick off the original outreach. That sense of calm & preparation is valuable when the stakes are high -- I'm setting up an email that's going to go to every one of our customers' administrators.

2 replies

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Agree! Will be enabled in one of the upcoming releases. 
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Excellent! Thank you, Sundar