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Allow lookups from high volume objects to system objects

  • 13 July 2021
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As admins we often create custom objects with lookups to system object or standard objects, Currently GS has a limitation on creating these lookups for low-volume objects.

GS creates new objects by default as high-volume objects, so for older data we have no way to create these lookups other then creating more custom objects to merge data where lookups are not possible.

It is a vicious cycle that propels data hygiene issues and leads to repetitive data stored in many redundant custom objects. 

We started creating objects (when we are good at remembering to do that) as low-volume objects even if we know we will be inserting hundreds of thousands of records, just so we can have these lookups.

Can you share if this work is on the roadmap?



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@jivanova Thank you for sharing your feedback here. We will thoroughly read the use-case, check the possibilities and get back to you.