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Allow Images to wrap to text and appear inline

  • 13 February 2020
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Currently we’re limited to paying a third party to code email if we want to have images display inline with text or stumbling through trying to code it ourselves if we want to have images appear inline with text rather than having an image appear in the middle of a message. 

It would be great if the design editor supported text wrapping so that images could appear inline with text and be a great cost and time-saving feature for us as well.

Picture of lanterns with light. tex: You may have had the chance.


2 replies

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@akropella I am a bit confused, which area are you talking about?


Email templates and journey orchestrator.

The WYSIWIG editor in Journey Orchestrator as it currently exists for Gainsight CS with SFDC doesn’t allow for much flexibility for creating email templates. It’d be great if we could actually have options like columns, tables, and allow for text-wrapping functionality with images like some other WYSIWIG editors are able to provide. We’d then be able to exist entirely within GS instead of having to use third-party sources for some of our email creation.