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Allow "group by" week/month/quarter/year to work for future dates

  • 12 June 2015
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Currently if you have dates that are in the future and you select "group by" month/quarter/year, etc., it doesn't show future dates regardless of chart type. If you want to show future dates, you cannot group the dates.

8 replies

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When you group by month/quarter/year without a date filter, we display data for current + previous 12 months by default. If you explicitly apply a filter that includes future dates, you should be able to report on data in the future dates 

Please let me know if this doesn't solve the issue.

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It doesn't solve it unfortunately. That's the behavior you would expect, but after you group by month/quarter/year it shows no future dates. Perhaps this is a bug?
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It worked when I used the "between" filter and explicitly mentioned a future date.

 Doesn't return all future dates with a simple "greater than" filter.

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I've been able to manage by adding date filters per Manu's note. I consider this a workaround. Is there a fix or better documentation so we can understand the limitations here? 
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Just to clarify: This is being classified as an enhancement request by our team. In order to allow for this we will need to make a code change. We are looking to add this to the roadmap at some point. Product will comment with an ETA once we have identified a release to resolve this issue. 
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Hi Steve, thanks for the note. Any update on status of this enhancement / position on roadmap?

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Any update here folks?
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Hi John,

Including future dates in monthly summarization is already the case in case of reports built on MDA  data. For SFDC we implemented the current behavior (current + previous 12 months for monthly summarization and 12 weeks for weekly summarization etc) due to the technical constraints on SFDC side. We will revisit the constraints and check the possibility of extending the behavior in MDA to SFDC data. We will need a weeks time to revisit and evaluate all the options again. We will get back to you with a definite answer after that.