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Allow Global Filters to use Picklist and Text String field types together when applying to both Salesforce and MDA tables.

  • 4 April 2018
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We love the use of global filters on dashboards and have applied it in many different ways to streamline CSM and Managers activities. The one enhancement that would make this feature truly a game changer is to allow more flexibility between the reference field type and the available fields that can be used in other objects that the filter applies to. Here is an example, 

We have 3 objects on the dashboard: 
  1. SF Campaign
  2. SF Project
  3. MDA Table
We want to filter the dashboard to only look at certain campaign types (picklist). However, the 'Campaign Type' field on the SF Projects and MDA Table objects are string fields that were sourced in when the records were originally created. This is currently not possible. 

We have multiple examples of where the field is a picklist in Salesforce on one object but then a string on other objects because they are values sourced in during the record creation. While we could make an adjustment for the MDA objects to align picklists, the management and upkeep to maintain consistency between SF and the MDA Picklist would be cumbersome. 

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