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Allow for tabular reports in Programs without the Account/Contact filter restriction

  • 7 December 2018
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I was trying to test out tabular reports in programs but setting up a dailly email that includes participants that entered a program from the day before. The number of participants daily will generally be under the 20 row limit so I thought it was a great opportunity to be able to provide the report within the body of the email, without an attachment.

However, I have to filter the report by either Account or Contact filter, even though it's an AO participant report. The email would be sent to the same internal contact each day. Is there any way around this, or is my only option to send it as an attachment? Thanks.

*Actually, realized the filter requirements exist for attached reports also. How does everyone else send non account/contact based reports to internal contacts on a regular basis?

8 replies

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I too am struggling with this, so welcome any thoughts on this. My use case is effectively I want to email the mgmt team with some graphical trend data across all accounts, so don't wish to filter.

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Hi Kelly! Defintaly agree with this! A few months back I posted something simliar - and the work around that was suggested was creating a Dashboard, and then sharing it. But it exports as a Power Point - and sometimes doesn't look all that great.

Would love for internal emails to be able to look up the User Table for the Managment structure.

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Hi Sagan,

If you share the dashboard (not export) - it won't export as powerpoint, and will be a "live" dashboard for the recipients to see real time data. More info here.

You can also combine Dashboard Sharing with Journey Outreaches - I wrote a short how to guide here.

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Thanks Dan!

Amazing as always! I'll check em' out! :)

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Thanks also for the hints. Does this mean that directly embedding report(s) within an email template within a Program is not possible, where we want to send to an internal audience a single email with report details across all customers accounts (due to the requirement to filter)?

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Really great question here. I want to know the same answer!

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+1, currently running into this obstacle trying to set up an internal email with some tabular reports to management and exec teams.

We could technically set this up as a dashboard but we're concerned about people not actually clicking into and loading the dashboards (ideally this wouldn't be the case but it is...)

We're able to do this with Salesforce so it would be nice to do it with GS as well!

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Hi guys,

for those interested and struggling with this, I just spoke with Gainsight and a solution that I found works great is to use a Power List in conjunction with an Outreach (rather than a Program). The Powerlist allows you to easily define the target receipients and the Outreach doesn't mandate that you set filters on the report.

Hope that is of use to people.