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Allow customizable Zendesk widget similar C360

  • 21 September 2018
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It is today possible to customize the views in salesforce for C360 and add different sections/widget and customize layout assignment by filters. 
Need this functionality on the zendesk widget.

Use case:
We have various support teams that require different sets of summarized data visible on their c360 page. Today's one view for all doesn't give us the flexibility to deal with these variations.

5 replies

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Why would Gainsight not allow for customization here?  It seems silly that GS would unilaterally decided which fields are most important to show up, but the reality is that should be determined by the client.  I shouldn’t have to scroll to see critical fields to determine an escalation path on a support ticket.

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@leslie_mendonca and @jrufo_recfut_gs I think fields on the Zendesk widget is configurable. Please refer to this article

Please let me know if understood wrongly.

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@sai_ram , per discussion with @ana_g (per your dev team), it appears the fields within the 360 cannot be re-ordered, which was the ask here.  We want to change the layout of the fields.

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hi @sai_ram you have linked to SFDC documentation. We are on Gainsight NXT.

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apologies for the delay, here is the NXT article,