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Allow CTA and Success Plan Due Dates based on Account Date fields

  • 11 April 2016
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Currently when assigning a Success Plan Objective, you are given the option to make the due date "the assign date + X days"  We are mapping our success plans with objectives quarterly around renewal dates and if we auto fire them all now, they will all be off on dates.  If we could assign the due date based on an account or customer info date field that would help keep our CSMs on track.   

9 replies

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This is an awesome idea! We would love to see this in the product as well.
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Agree-----this functionality would be awesome for normal CTAs as well. Being able to tokenize the CTA Due Date would be very valuable for us. The first task for some of our playbooks is to "Reassign CTA due date" because we're not able to tokenize the input when the CTA/Objective is made.
Agreed! One additional use case for us is that we plan to set varying date-centric success plans, and we want to allow our senior engagement directors to set the date once they launch the success plan with the customer directly (e.g. maybe it's  30 day goal, maybe it's quarterly, etc.). Pre-defining at the admin level risks us being off and triggering when it's not quite accurate to the customer. Right now we're forced to put something in and they'll have to remember to adjust so it doesn't fire inaccurately. 

Since playbook tasks in cockpit have an option to have date as optional, I think the uniform functionality across the board would make sense (make date optional on all building)...
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This use case certainly makes sense as well. Product will be reviewing this!
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Agree! We are using Success Plan templates quite a bit, and it would be great to be able to set due dates based on either x days from the contract start date or x days from the contract end date.
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This is in our short term roadmap. I will keep you updated about the exact ETA.

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Hey Nitisha

Any update on this?
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Thanks in advance, Nitish! Your input is greatly appreciated here!
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Yes please!