Allow copilot email template to have more than 1 surveys

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I was trying to add more than one survey in a email template and the system stop me. Why can't i add more than one survey. I would seem an great opportunity to get our customer to answer different information that is relevant to them.

mei ling

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Hi Mei Ling, can you please provide more details in which scenarios you'd like customers to answer more than 1 survey and embed that in an email versus segmenting customers or placing multiple questions in same survey. BTW, we are release survey in multiple languages in a week and you will be able to embed multiple language versions of same survey in copilot email template, but I suspect that is not your use case. 
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hi Gaurav Kotak,
This week we have a newsletter that goes out to our customer to ask if they are attending a conference and what they need to be covered in the conference. At the same time we would like to gather information from our customer on how they are using our product in a separate survey. 

This idea here is that we don't spam more than one time per month to our customer contact has this will reduce our open rates with our customer. So it is important that we try to include all the information we would like to capture from the contacts in a single email.

Mei ling
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hi Gaurav Kotak,
Is there a way to have the survey embedded in a website? because of the limitation only one survey can be send out in copilot, is it possible we embedded an anonymous survey in a website instead of sending in an email? Urgent please give me a workaround for this.

MeI ling