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Allow Changing of Display Name for Standard/System Fields

  • 21 January 2022
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Please can we have the option to rename fields that are system/standard ones, not the API name as I appreciate they will be needed for system operations, but the display name used.

Again I know we can rename in certain places like Reports and 360 but when there are multiple admins, and particularly new ones come on board, it’s very confusing when there a is mismatch of naming convention between the business and the platform. 

E.g. in Renewal centre there is a field called Target Amount, and it’s integral to how the product works, but we would prefer to rename it to Scheduled Renewal ARR as that’s how we talk about it across the business. 

And even so far as CSM, at my last place we had CSC’s and CCSM’s and it was confusing to anyone that came in to the environment which was actually being passed in to the CSM field. 

Plus sometimes you can’t rename it and it’s end-user facing, like filters across CTA, Timeline etc. 

2 replies

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+1. This seems like a very basic ask. Honestly it’s a step backwards because in SFDC edition we could rename standard fields on the customer info object (i.e. changing “ASV” to “ARR” or changing the name of the “CSM” lookup field). We should be able to do the same in MDA standard objects.

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Also I posted something similar a while back and got a “not planned” label stuck on it