Allow admin to restrict the users from changing Due Dates on Objective type CTAs (Success Plan )

  • 21 August 2020
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I’m looking for a way to restrict the users from manually changing due dates on Success Plan Objective CTAs.


Use Case:

We have created Objective Templates which are assigned to Success Plans with preset due dates for completion of each Objective.

Currently users can manually change the preset due date of an objective(s) as they work on it. However, we are looking to implement a Success Plan adherence system where we need the CSMs to complete each objective by the due date (without pushing it out).


I believe there is no way to do that right now (please guide if there is one).

1 reply

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@bhavik.shah Thanks for posting it here! Apologies, currently this is not in our road-map, but don’t worry we will change the priority  based on other customers interest. 

@All, Please up-vote to this idea to change the priority.